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What I Found in the Dark

What I Found in the Dark
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The mystery of the veil, of the dark curtain between this life and the next, between past and future or between mind and matter haunts all of us at one time or another. Yet... there is beauty in what we can’t see and must imagine.

Like most people, I’m certain my life won’t come down to What I Found In The Dark: there’s too much light for that. Still... I peer through veils of the past and the future yet to be, and I take what glimpses come my way.

Share those glimpses with me. Some are sweet; some bitter; and some will hurt: my hope is you will find all interesting and instructive.

Clayton Bye

Samples of my poetry


The Town of Me

My days have been

the passing of dreams,

not quite real clouds

built of smoke and dust,

marking each pained

but gritty footstep

with rasping laughter

to steal away

the life-blood of

this aging ghost town,

while colourless

thoughts raised without form

walk through my halls,

echoes of silence.


Copyright © 2012 Clayton Clifford Bye



A crystal passage from here to there

but no light with which to see.

"So what?" He asks with bitterness,

that door is closed to me.


Copyright © 2012 Clayton Clifford Bye


Hole In The Clouds

Radiant beams,

a hole in the clouds,

gossamer strands

speak out loud.

Warmed heart,

a child's eyes aglow:

soul is livened,

I drive slow.


Copyright © 2012 Clayton Clifford Bye

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