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Stepping Into Your Greatness

Stepping Into Your Greatness
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The world is full of people who have achieved great things, people who decided to be proactive, to elevate the bar for themselves and soar to new heights. Decide to leave nothing on the table of life!  

Live this outstanding life you deserve!

In this book Mireille Toulekima, a true champion of life, shares her tips for living bigger without limits, communicating better and smarter, loving more and deeper, going the extra miles, expanding our comfort zone and arousing the sleeping giant within us to leave a lasting legacy that outlives us.

Mireille Toulekima is an energy expert specialized on emerging markets. Known globally for being an inspirational multi-skilled woman, she is also a published author, public speaker, social entrepreneur, life coach and long distance runner. A woman who enjoys big challenges, Mireille embodies authenticity, leadership, diversity, positivity and spiritual strength. She has lived and worked in several countries and speaks several languages. She is an advocate and champion for diversity, education and women advancement and economic empowerment. She  founded the organisation “Energy Angels Foundation” in 2015 with the objective to reach out and sponsor under-priviledged girls to study subsjects related to the energy sector in prestigious and high profile schools and universities across the world.  A true philantrophe who made it a commitment to help others to become the best they can be in order to come out of the masses and stand in their own shining light !

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Stepping Into Your Greatness
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