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The Sorcerer's Key eBook

The Sorcerer's Key eBook
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Model: ISBN 0973993340
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PDF eBook: 314 pages    The PDF is designed to be read in FULL SCREEN MODE.

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The Sorcerer’s Key is Clayton Bye’s first installment in the fantasy series FROM EARTH TO EDEN.

Morgan Heist, a dark sorcerer from the original Garden of Eden, has opened a door to Earth. He doesn't care about the repercussions. The time has come to risk everything for The Sorcerer’s Key, a talisman with the power he needs to conquer both worlds.


Even though he has been forced to spend most of his life in hiding, no one could have predicted Jack Lightfoot’s reaction to Heist’s arrival on Earth. He decides to intervene in the twenty year fight between his father and the evil mage, drawing upon raw talent and the unbending courage of youth.


What results is a voyage of self-discovery that uncovers a secret originating with Adam and Eve, one that jeopardizes everything Jack holds dear, including the future of both Earth and Eden.


Jack Lightfoot is a complicated protagonist who is destined to face down one of literature’s most unexpected of villains. And, with a unique look at the mythology and ideology of our culture, Clayton Bye’s FROM EARTH TO EDEN creates an engaging, fantastical set of worlds which will capture readers on page one.


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The Sorcerer's Key eBook
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