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Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road ebook

Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road ebook
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Model: ISBN 9780978177454
Manufacturer: Chase Enterprises Publishing
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars!

This book is filled with stories of excellence. Different stories. Strange stories. Tales that were written by talented authors from around the world. No rules. Just write the best damned story that was in them that did not follow the beaten path.

What did we get? 5 star stories that stand neck to neck with the best tales already written. And some stories that reviewers just couldn't get their heads around; stories that didn't fit the current rating system. Unbelievably great stories from established authors who thought they would never get the chance to write in the genre chosen. Adult stories written tastefully but that will rattle your cage. Love stories. Horror stories. Crime. A detective and a paranormal hunter. How about a modern day Space Opera? Or a 5 star story about an unusual Vietnam Vet? And the most unusual ghost story I have ever read--5 stars, of course.

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Writers on the Wrong Side of the Road ebook
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